1. Fresh Code

Only code that was written after the official start of the 'hacking phase' is valid. Teams can work on existing projects but during the presentation the team must clearly outline the part that was written during the hackathon and it shall be only judged on this part. Digital mockups and graphics may be prepared before. Additionally open-source frameworks and code that is available to everyone may be used. If you use another project of yours inside your hack it must be available to everyone and please mention it in the README in your repository.

2. Code Reviews

Even though the code quality is not a criteria, judges and organizers have to be granted a look on the source code on request. This might be necessary in cases where the judges or organziers question whether the code was written at the event.

3. Team Size

Teams of up to 4 humans are allowed. You can also add 1 cyborg, Furby, drone, or Sphero. (Credits to AngelHack)

4. Wristbands and Badges

As we are hacking on a university campus, we need to be able to clearly identify participants and non-participants. That's why we ask everyone to wear the wristbands we hand out and clearly display the badge with their name. It is also not permitted to pass either of it on to non-participants. If the organizers see such exchange the partcipant may be immediately banned from the event.

5. Team Registration

In order to participate in the actual competition and present your hack your team must be registered on the Devpost page of the event: Here

6. Submission

Until submission deadline all teams must be registered and all team members need to have joined the team. Additionally a link to the repository needs to be posted in the team page. Video submissions are optional.

7. Ownership and IP

The ownership for everything build at the event remains with the team and the team is free to do with it what it wants.

8. DEMO your Hack

In order to participate in the competition it is necessary that you demo your hack at the expo. PowerPoint slides or other slide decks are not allowed. Neither at the expo nor at the final presentations. Don't be scared to present unfinished hacks. You can still have a chance to win :)

9. Judging

The judging of the hackathon will have two phases. In the first phase every team has the chance to present to some judges as part of the expo. Afterwards the best teams will be chosen to present on stage in front of all participants and the final jury. Everyone who presents in front of the final jury starts with a blank slate. Previous scores will not be counted for the final decision. 

In both cases the rule is that the decisions of the jury members and organizers are final and shall not be questioned.

10. Disqualification

We want a fair competition and are not planning to disqualify anyone however if any of the following things is violated we sadly have to disqualify you (and in cases your team):

  • There are commits done after Sunday 11:30.
  • We see you working on your code after the deadline in order to fix your Demo.
  • You give the drinks/food provided at the hackathon to non-participants.
  • You pass on your wristband or badge during the event to non-participants.
  • You violate the MLH Code of Conduct